InnerMan/OuterSpace” – Andrew Tyree, Javon Johnson, Prentice Powell, Rudy Francisco & Shawn William (also known collectively as Fiveology).

     InnerMan/OuterSpace is a dynamic full evening piece written in the form of a slam poetry, spoken word, verse, and narrative play. Written and performed by five extremely accomplished Black male performance poets, InnerMan/OuterSpace is a critically honest …exploration of Black masculinity and the everyday negotiations Black boys and men must make. From poems about love, family, letters to daughters, and admitted sexist behavior to police brutality, race, death, and a battle with cancer, InnerMan/OuterSpace offers an at times humorous, and at other times serious, somber, angry, political, and spiritual peak into the complex lives of Black men and the ways in which they (re)define themselves.
     Given that patriarchy asks of boys to remain silent about all they endure in order to become men, and that Black men have been historically denied legitimate access to manhood, it is no wonder so many Black males chose silence as a means to deal with the harsh realities of their everyday lives. Using a feminist sensibility, InnerMan/OuterSpace breaks the masculine code of silence to offer a space for dialogue, healing, and love. This piece is written and performed by Rudy Francisco (National Slam Champion, Lexus Verses and Flow), Shawn William (National Slam Finalist, Showtime at the Apollo, Lexus Verses and Flow), Javon Johnson, Ph.D. (2 time National Slam Champion, Lexus Verses and Flow, HBO Def Poetry Jam, BET’s Lyric Café) Prentice Powell (National Slam Finalist, Lexus Verses and Flow), and Andrew Tyree (Nuyorican Grand Slam Champion, Lexus Verses and Flow).
     If you’re in the Los Angeles area and would like to witness this amazing show you can purchase tickets by clicking this link
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Shawn William
Andrew Tyree
Prentice Powell
Rudy Francisco
Javon Johnson